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Deep Green Ukraine is a system that provides automated monitoring of forests using satellite data. The system makes it possible to analyze open data of government agencies (land cadastre, forest maps, logging tickets, etc.) and satellite data, detect illegal logging and monitor planned. Whenever new satellite images are available for a user-selected tracking area, Deep Green Ukraine automatically downloads and processes them to detect any changes in the forest and provide this information to the user.
Satellite data is updated approximately once every 5 days depending on the operation of the satellites. State registers are updated in real time and depend on the employees of the State Forestry Agency of Ukraine.
Deep Green Ukraine uses Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 data from ESA Copernicus. These satellites have a resolution of 10 meters, which means that each pixel corresponds to 10x10 meters of land. This means that currently the minimum detection area is 0.1 ha.
Monitoring can be set up for any period of time.
If a red dot appears in the area, it means that a felling is taking place in this place, for which the system did not find documents in open databases - it means that the felling is illegal and needs to be checked by law enforcement officers.
If a green dot appears in the area, it means that in this place there is a felling for which the system found documents in open databases - it means that the felling is legal.
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