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How to make an orthophoto with a drone?

The use of drones in forestry is becoming more common practice around the world. They are used as an affordable, fast and accurate method of data collection. Drones can be used to assess deforestation, identify tree species, identify and monitor disease outbreaks, identify small fire sources, locate unauthorized landfills, assess forest resource losses after fires, natural disasters, and many other needs, including reforestation. In addition, drones have access to hard-to-reach areas, without which obtaining data would not be timely and costly. Another area in which the use of drones is necessary is the updating of cartographic data. In contrast to labor-intensive [...]

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Satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and open data will help to fight illegal logging in Ukraine

Coalition of organizations The Space Research Institute NASU-SSA, Authorities Monitoring Center and ForestCom NGOs are developing the deforestation alert and Illegal logging system called Deep Green Ukraine. Every year more than 20 million m3 of wood is cut down in Ukrainian forests. Some scientists and NGOs argue that five to ten percent or even significantly over of such logging is illegal. The system Deep Green Ukraine is an IT-based service that will allow its users to detect potential illegal and monitor planned forest logging. "We have a big problem with both illegal and legal logging. There are huge differences in statistics, the losses to [...]

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